Emotions are a vital part of our everyday life. We use emotions to have face-to-face communication with one another.

It seems that emotions are missing from our digital communications like emails, text messages, as well as our content. This results in people not being interested in reading what you have to say as they are just words and not any kind of conversation.

Putting emotions back into your content brings life to those words, it makes people want to read & engage with it. It also makes people want to share that type of content since they relate with it and feel that it might speak to their friends too.

What we just described is how using emotions in content marketing can make a difference to your business, brand, social reach and even sales.

We dug a bit deeper and created Emotos for the Elephant Social app. This feature may just seem like a bunch of words or phrases but it actually pulls out content related to your business that have been written in a way to emotionally connect with your customers. You want your customers to feel a certain way about what your business has to offer without over-selling & we give you content that does exactly that through the Emotos you have chosen for your business.

To learn more about Emotos, read the article below.

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