The tone of voice you choose depends on the way you want to talk to your customers and make them feel. In Elephant Social, we have 3 distinct tones for our content and they are Corporate, Business Casual & Young.

Corporate - this tone is more formal, uses accurate vocabulary, no abbreviations & an indirect voice.

Example of Corporate Tone:

The beginning of the life-changing journey.

#Join #Learn #Shine

(Note: This example is written for the Education industry)

Business Casual
- this tone is informative, straightforward and a bit more casual than the Corporate tone. 

Example of Business Casual Tone: 

When you have the energy to enjoy life.


(Note: This example is written for the Health industry)

- This tone is more direct and uses an informal style. It is also more engaging like the example below.

Example of Young Tone: 

My mummy loves me.


(Note: This example is written for the Mummies & Babies industry)

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