Knowing the difference between various image formats can sometimes be tricky, so we broke it down for you.

PNG, JPEG & GIF are the main graphic formats that are used on the Internet as well as for presentations & print. These formats use compression techniques to save images in a reduced file size.

PNG is an image type that is usually used in web design.


  • Not supported by all web browsers, but it’s getting there
  • Provides background transparency
  • Often used to design logos
  • Doesn’t support animation
  • Maintains image quality

Tip: Make sure to upload your company logo in PNG format on the Elephant Social app.

JPEG is used for photographic images and graphics with complex colours & gradients.


  • Supported by all web browsers
  • Image quality is slightly degraded when resaved. Image detail is lost with multiple resaves
  • No background transparency

GIF is so far the only option of having animation on the Internet besides Flash


  • Supported by all web browsers
  • Provides background transparency & animation
  • Used for icons, simple logos & line drawings (not used for photos)
  • Image quality doesn’t degrade when resaving
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