Ever read a caption that just felt like a bunch of words put together?
We came up with Emotos to bring those feelings & emotions into your content.

Still not sure what we’re talking about?

Emotos are basically words that describe how you feel about your business or enterprise as well as how you want your customers and followers to feel.

These Emotos segment the type of content you want to use by making sure that some or all of the emotos you have chosen are within that piece of content.

This way you can be sure that your customers will be inspired by every piece of content that you post. Your followers will also be able to relate to the content you have posted which makes them believe in your brand even more.

How to choose the best Emotos for your business?

Make sure to select Emotos that your customers can relate to in terms of emotions, experiences, 

Try to make sure you use Emotos that describes your target audience, for instance, if your business is a school then you definitely want to click on “Studies”, “Explore”, “Smart”, “Read”, etc.

You could also use Emotos that would describe your product or service like “Customized”, “Modern”, “Vintage”, “Luxurious”.

P.S. You can always go back and change the Emotos to make sure you find the perfect ones for your business.

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